Stop wasting food with these use it up recipes ideas!

Food waste is not good for the environment. It gives off methane in landfill, which is a highly potent greenhouse gas. Food production uses up precious resources like water and energy and often does a lot of damage to land, water and air along the way.

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Wasting food is also a waste of money. Why buy something that we are never going to use? It doesn’t make sense when you think about it like that. The solution is to avoid wasting food wherever possible!

Free tools to help you reduce food waste

I have a few tools that can help you reduce food waste. First sign up to my mailing list. You will get the first chapter of my book for free on sign up. That chapter is all about how to reduce food waste.

Secondly come and join my Reduce Your Food Waste Facebook Group . It is a place to ask questions, share your food waste successes and fails and to chat to other like minded people about food waste.

In the group a lot of people have told me that their most wasted foods are bread, bananas and vegetables! What are yours? I have written a lot about how to use up these types of foods and more!

So thirdly, I’ve shared a round up of my posts below, some of which are filled with ideas from the lovely people from my food waste group!

Use it up recipe ideas



Fruit and nuts

  1. 22 ways to use up apples
  2. What to do with a glut of apples
  3. Raspberry avocado sorbet recipe – you can also substitute the raspberries for blackberries.
  4. 15 delicious ways to use up blackberries
  5. Transform wrinkly kiwis and mushy avocados into a delicious dessert
  6. 12 uses for ground almonds


  1. Saved from the compost – leaf and stem soup recipe . Did you know you can eat cauliflower, broccoli and radish leaves?
  2. Use it up tuna, runner bean and kohlrabi lasagne recipe
  3. Sugar free salsa recipe – add in any vegetable you like to this recipe. You can puree it, or make a chunky version.
  4. Easy freezer pasta sauce recipe – I love adding in any veg past their best to this recipe and often make an adaptation of this with good sized chunks of veg, so it is a bit like a vegetable stew.
  5. Yummy uses for cold chips
  6. How to eat an entire squash or a pumpkin with nothing left
  7. Beautiful beetroot and butternut squash frittata
  8. How to store Jerusalem artichokes and 20 ways to eat them! We once planted some of these and now have no hope of getting rid of them, other than by continuing to eat them! My recommendation is to plant these in a pot if you want to grow them – not in a border!
  9. Homegrown under ripe spaghetti squash for dinner! This is one of my most popular posts on the blog! You can eat under ripe pumpkins and squashes – it is like eating a marrow or a courgette (although in a different shape)!
  10. Scrumptious butternut squash tea bread recipe
  11. How to regrow celery from scrap! This is really fun to do and you can also do something very similar with lettuce!
  12. Potato peel crisps
  13. Kale crisps


  1. How to never forget to water the house plants again!
  2. 5 ways to use up amaretto

If food waste is regular challenge and you would like bespoke help, I offer 1:1 online coaching over Zoom – it’s £40 for a 40 minute session. Get in touch on to book your slot.

Note: A lot of my recipe ideas are sugar free as for a long time I avoided sugar. At the moment I am not sugar free as I fell off the wagon. Anyway there is a mix of ideas in there and if you don’t want sugar, leave it out and if you do – add it in!