Love reading and want to be inspired to take positive action on environmental issues? These sustainable living books are filled with practical advice, inspirational stories and the facts and figures that can help you make informed choices in your day to day life.

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General Sustainable Living Books


The Natural World

  • David Attenborough – A life on our planet – (out on 1/10/20)
  • Anthony Lawrence – The Last Rhinos. A real tearjerker and brings to life the struggles to save endangered species.
  • George Monbiot – Feral – A very interesting book about rewilding. The idea is to release wildlife back into areas, that have been long gone, so that they can reshape, reform, repair and rewild the landscape. There are a number of rewilding projects going on in the UK these days.


Zero Waste Sustainable Living Books

Food and Kitchen Waste

Climate Change

Plastic focussed sustainable Living Books

It’s fantastic that there are so many books to choose from that can help and inspire us all to live better more eco-friendly lifes. This reading list just scratches the surface of the books out there, but is a great place to get started.

Which are your favourite sustainable living books and why? Which authors have inspired you to make changes in your life?

Sustainable living books