Ice: Tales from a disappearing world

Ice: Tales from a Disappearing World – Review and Giveaway

Marco Tedesco is a polar scientist, who has written a new book just out today. It is called Ice: Tales from a Disappearing World. In the book, you spend a day with him and his colleagues on the ice sheet in Greenland. Along the way he includes snippets of Inuit culture, female and black ice explorers. Plus we learn surprising facts about creatures past and present living in these areas.

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You zoom in and out from the difficulties of getting dressed and eating in such cold conditions, to the blindingness of the light reflected from the ice, to the science behind the melting ice. There is a sense of danger and adventure throughout the book and an incredible event takes place during the day.

Does Ice: Tales from a Disappearing World, give us answers about the future of the planet?

I don’t feel that Marco gives us any rock solid answers about what the future will hold for the planet. Scientific models and predictions are essentially best guesses. They are based on our current level of data and understanding. Marco stresses the importance of critical thinking and remaining open minded to new information.

That said, we should still take the threat to the planet of melting ice caps seriously. We don’t know exactly how it will all play out.

Should we follow in Marco’s footsteps?

Most of us are unlikely to visit this ice sheet. However towards the end of the book, Marco mentions how the melting icecaps, will open up the area to tourism and potentially mining and frets about the devastating impacts that can have. So if you want to gain an understanding of what it is like, the best way to do it, is to sit back and relax with a cuppa and this book. Read about his adventures from the warmth of your sofa. Unless you fancy being a polar scientist that is – in which case, you have work to do!

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