Eco friendly kitchen products

I use a number of eco friendly kitchen products and I’ve shared my recommendations and reviews of them below. When I say eco-friendly, what I mean is that they have eco-friendly features. For example they might be long lasting, plastic free, made of natural materials and so on. Nothing is perfect, but I find these options much better than the alternatives.

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Eco friendly kitchen products for baking and cooking


After seasoning these baking dishes become naturally non-stick. So they are eco-friendly kitchen products because they have no nasty non-stick teflon. Plus there is no need to use disposable baking paper. They are also a brilliant material to bake on. As long as you take good care of them, they will last for years. One of my favourite pieces are my pizza stones. I’ve had mine for around 10 years and they are still going strong. If you want to buy something similar, this one looks good because it has inbuilt handles (otherwise they can be tricky to pick up once hot!) pizza stone with handles*

Silicone baking mats

Silicone baking mats* are easy to store, reusable and non stick without the addition of nasty chemicals. I use them instead of baking paper at times. They also come in handy to roll small things out when baking (e.g. cookie dough/ icing/ pastry)

Fig and Pickle Scales – an eco friendly kitchen product I use every day!

Fig and pickle scales

I got sent these Fig and Pickle scales* to review a while ago and I love them. I use them day in day out – mostly to measure out pasta and porridge oats, but also in baking. They are great because they don’t take batteries, you just twist a knob to charge them up. You can read my full review here: Fig and Pickle Scale review

Le Creuset 3 ply Saucepans

how to choose a saucepan

I love my Le Creuset 3 ply Saucepans* saucepans, which are expensive, but are really good quality, so they should last a long time. They are compatible with induction hobs. Read all about why I chose these saucepans here: How to choose a saucepan

Octopus energy

Spaghetti spoon

This clever spaghetti spoon*, is perfect for dishing up your spaghetti and has secret. It has a hole in the middle which measures out one serving of spaghetti to cook! This is an eco-friendly kitchen product because getting the portion size right should help to reduce food waste. Plus, I like this one because it is made of stainless steel, so is plastic free and long lasting. I’ve had mine for years and years.


eco friendly kitchen products

The Wonderbag* is a thermal cooker, which is like a slow cooker, but with no power. I got sent one to review and I love making soups and stews in it. It helps me to use less energy when batch cooking. Read my full review here: Wonderbag review

Replace single use disposables with reusables

Eco friendly kitchen products to replace clingfilm

Clingfilm alternatives

There are so many great eco friendly kitchen products you can use instead of clingfilm. Check out the full list here: Alternatives to clingfilm

Raisin pots

Replace throwaway raisin cartons, by buying mini snack pots* and raisins in larger quantities. Then put them in these pots and reuse! For more tips about reducing waste at snack times read: Take back control of snack times with the 3 R’s. When replacing disposables with reusables, it is important to make as much use of them as possible. This is because the carbon cost of disposables is much lower than that of reusables. So to offset that, the reusables need to be used again and again and again.

Eco friendly rubbish and recycling products for your kitchen

Kitchen compost bins

I use the 3 litre Brabantia bin* to collect kitchen compost (and a larger one for recycling). I have tried different compost and recycling bins. From my experiements, I found plastic ones are the best.

Although I’m not a fan of pointless plastic, I find that plastic is the most suited to this job. Compost is wet and messy and can rust metal bins, or turn wood mouldy over time. I found bins with filters don’t make much difference. Just make sure you empty and clean your compost bin regularly and it won’t get smelly. Plus I think filters are a bit of a hassle and are another throwaway item.

The other advantage of plastic bins is that you don’t need to buy liners. I just wash it out after emptying. Although sometimes I use Cushion Soft, Soft on Nature toilet paper * compostable packaging to line the bin. Read my full review of that toilet paper here: Budget Plastic Free Toilet Paper Review

Kitchen bin

I think Brabantia is a really good make, which is why I bought their compost and recycling bins. We bought a Brabantia kitchen bin* around 18 years ago and it is still going strong. The catch has gone on it a few times. But they sell replacement catches. So we just replace the catch every so often. I think the first time we wrote to Brabantia and they sent us a replacement for free.

We throw away a lot less than when we first bought the bin. But we still use it, because it means we don’t have to empty it very often. I make sure to never put any food or wet waste in there. We once made that mistake and found maggots in the bin – yuck! Also if you leave food waste too long it starts smelling and going mouldy.

How to pick eco-friendly kitchen products

As you can see my favourite eco-friendly products are:

  • Products that last a long time. There is very little to go wrong with them, or they can be repaired if something does.
  • Plastic free where practical (but made of plastic, where it does the job best)
  • Reusable and put to good use!
  • Cost effective. Even if some items cost a bit more initially, I know they will be worth the money in the long run.

What are your favouite eco-friendly kitchen products?

eco friendly kitchen products