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Hi there, welcome to my blog! My name is Zoë Morrison and I am the author of Eco Thrifty Living the blog and Eco Thrifty Living the book!

In 2011 I wanted to quit my job and become a stay at home mum. I didn’t know how I was going to afford it, but I was determined that spending less wasn’t going to be at the expense of the environment or my families quality of life. I became passionate about learning ways to save money and the environment. I decided to document my experiences along the way and Eco Thrifty Living, the blog was born! In 2012 I walked away from my day job feeling confident that we could thrive on one salary instead of two and I haven’t had a day job since!

Instead I carried on being a stay at home mum and blogging about my passion. In 2019 I published my first book so that I could share my tips and tricks on how to save money and the environment in an easily accessible way to you my readers!

I am a big believer that whatever your circumstances, if you have a dream however big or small, you should go for it. Find a way to make it real.  Don’t be ashamed of it, don’t hold back from it, don’t be afraid of it. Do everything that you can to bring the you, that you were always meant to be into the world.

I wish you every success towards achieving your dreams and goals and hope that this blog helps you along the way!

Zoe x

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  1. Excellent Job Zoe! Like you I have discovered frugal living is not only good for the budget but should be mandatory to save our environment. As a result I now keep very little food in the house (except emergency food supplies for earthquakes and floods) and dramatically reduced my purchases of packaged goods. I was getting sick of all the garbage. Keeping little food in the house has also helped me to reduce food waste, chose a few high quality products as opposed to many low quality products) reduce my weight and save about a $1000 per year.

  2. Hi Zoe! I'm so excited about finding your blog! We're trying to pay off our mortgage in an (unrealistically!) small amount of time, so I'll definitely be coming here for tips. I write about our efforts on a Saturday, do you mind if I link to here this Saturday?

  3. Zoe

    Yes feel free angelicscalliwags and good luck trying to pay off the mortgage!

  4. Hello Zoe,

    I'd like to invite you to the Zero Waste Bloggers Network. It's a group with currently 41 Members from those countries US, UK, CA, DE, FR, MX, PL, AU, ES, HK, NL, MA. Let me know if you're interested: inge @ gruenish dot com

  5. Anonymous

    I found you through the msn news homepage, 'Thrifty mum gives up loo roll to save money (and the planet)'. It is funny how a news article can skew things a bit, but anyway it worked at grabbing my attention and I'm glad I found your blog as I find it all very interesting. Blogs like this where you share your life will help anyone who comes across it see that minimalism and being eco friendly won't make their life harder but can make them feel so much more at peace. Saving the planet one article at a time. Keep on writing!

  6. Hi Zoe, Just heard about you on the radio and it turns out I had already been on your blog before and didn't realise. I feel like I've fallen on your story for the third time and every time I seem to have a new perspective on it! Hopefully one day I can be like you

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