Budget plastic free toilet paper review *Ad*

There aren’t many eco friendly plastic free toilet paper products available. So I was pleased to discover a brand of toilet paper, that is plastic free and affordable. Nova Tissue who makes it, is a UK based manufacturer. You can buy it on Amazon here: Cushion Soft, Soft on Nature toilet paper *

This is a sponsored post and also contains affiliate links marked with an asterix. All opinions are my own.

What eco-friendly features does the plastic free toilet paper have?

  • The packaging. I have done quite a bit of reading about compostable packaging and there are often two problems with it. Firstly often, it needs hot composting and can’t break down in your home compost bin. Secondly biodegradable plastic is sometimes made of genetically modified corn. Neither of those things are a problem in this case. The packaging is home compostable and is made from potato starch.
  • The paper is made from responsibly sourced trees. See the picture below for why they decided not to go with recycled paper. There can be small amounts of BPA in it too, which although minor is not ideal. That said the Ethical Consumer recommends recycled paper over virgin wood.
  • Compared to another toilet roll they sell, they have made the roll 45% longer, so each roll will last longer. This means you need to buy less rolls and have less toilet roll tubes to recycle afterwards. They say that it also means 30% less delivery trucks on the road
  • The toilet paper is manufactured and sold in the UK.
  • The company has a partnership with and supports Tree Aid – a UK charity which helps plant trees in Africa.

Are there any downsides?

The toilet paper is 2 ply. If you usually buy 3 ply toilet paper it will seem a bit thin compared to that. That said I have tested it out and although it does seem a bit thinner, it still does the job just fine.

How does the plastic free Soft On Nature toilet paper compare price wise?

At the time of writing they are priced at £35.99 inclusive of delivery for 108 rolls. That works out at 33p a roll and it is 16.5p per 100 sheets. This is very competitive with most toilet roll brands on offer in the supermarkets. Add to that it’s eco-credentials and the fact that each roll is longer than the average roll and it is very good value for money. You can buy it on Amazon here: Cushion Soft, Soft on Nature toilet paper *

If you were to compare it to other toilet brands:

  • Soft on Nature toilet paper (2ply, in compostable packaging and made from sustainable sources in the UK): 16.5p per 100 sheets
  • The cheapest Sainsburys own toilet paper (2ply and not eco-friendly): 15p per 100 sheets
  • Sainsbury’s 2 ply recycled paper in plastic packaging: 17p per 100 sheets
  • Branded toilet paper being sold at Sainsburys: 23p to 43p per 100 sheets (not eco-friendly in any way, ranges from 3- to 4 ply).
  • Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper (3 ply, plastic free and made in China): 18.8p for 100 sheets
  • Who Gives a Crap bamboo toilet paper (3 ply, plastic free and made in China): 22.5p for 100 sheets
  • Vinsani 3 Ply Bamboo Toilet Rolls* 22.2p for 100 sheets (they are advertised as coming loose in a cardboard box)
  • Dalia Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper, Maxi Rolls* 15.7p per 100 sheets (each roll has 800 sheets and the layers are bonded together, so it is technically 1 ply – I’m going to try this one out and report back)


Overall I like the fact that the Soft on Nature toilet paper:

  1. Is made from sustainable forests
  2. Has compostable packaging made from potato starch
  3. Is made in the UK
  4. Is affordable.
  5. Supports Tree Aid.

I tried going toilet paper free for a while, but in the long run it didn’t work for me. Most of us buy toilet paper week in, week out and switching to a greener budget toilet paper like this is an easy eco-thrifty swap to make!

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