Nothing naughty about this neopolitan!

My friend Shani of hazelnut biscuit fame (read more here) invited us over for lunch recently and knowing that we aren’t into sugar or waste, made us some seriously delicious sugar free, zero waste neopolitan icecream, which was also dairy free and vegan! 
There were only two ingredients in this delicious icecream – bananas and cocoa powder. She chopped up some very ripe bananas, froze them, then blended them until they became white and creamy. Then into half the mixture she added some cocoa powder. She filled an empty icecream tub so it was half filled with the chocolatey banana mixture and half filled with the plain one and refroze it. 
My kids were so excited when they were offered icecream for dessert that didn’t have any sugar in it (as they are mostly sugar free) and it was really delicious – definitely something I would eat again!
Amazingly I managed to take a picture of it in my bowl before I devoured the lot!
This is such a fantastic way to use up over ripe bananas that I’m going to have to start buying them that way in the first place! What is your favourite way to use up over ripe bananas?
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