15 blackberry recipe ideas

When the brambles are bursting with blackberries and you have picked overflowing punnets of them, makes some of these delicious blackberry recipe ideas!

Delicious melba toast recipe!

In this article I share my zero waste melba toast recipe. It is one of my favourite ways to rescue bread that won’t get used up in time or that is just past it’s best before date!

20 ways to stop wasting bread!

Bread is one of Britain’s most wasted foods. In 2013 WRAP reported that the equivalent of 24 million slices of it are thrown away in the UK every day!

Sugar free kiwi and avocado dessert

Kiwi’s and avocado’s are hard fruits to know when they are ripe and they quickly become squishy. Transform them into a yummy sugar free dessert.

Cold chip frittata recipe!

Can you eat cold cooked chips? I don’t often buy takeaways because they can be expensive compared to home made meals, are rarely as healthy and usually come in packaging…

5 great reasons to grow your own mint!

Homegrown mint is the freshest, sweetest and most satisfying mint you will ever taste and needs very little looking after. We have four mint plants so that we have plenty…

Nothing naughty about this neopolitan!

My friend Shani of hazelnut biscuit fame (read more here) invited us over for lunch recently and knowing that we aren’t into sugar or waste, made us some seriously delicious sugar…