Condensed milk fudge

11 ways to take condensed milk to the next level

During lockdown my son had a lot of fun baking. He wanted to try out all kinds of new recipes. One of which contained condensed milk. It didn’t use up the whole can though and I was left with a bit extra to use up. So it got me thinking about what other condensed milk recipes would be good to try.

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In this article I’ve rounded up some delicious sounding condensed milk recipes. So if you have a can lingering that needs using up, or find yourself with a bit left over, you will know what to do with it!

Oh and if you don’t have any condensed milk yet, I discovered that you can get vegan condensed coconut milk*. Useful to know if you are on a plant based diet, or have a dairy allergy!

Condensed milk recipes which use up a whole tin


I never realised how easy it is to make fudge until I had a try recently. We had various experiments and I can’t remember the exact recipe we used, but BBC Good Food has a popular recipe for condensed milk fudge.

You can pimp it up however you fancy. We made some fudge and added crushed up mini eggs* as a topping. I added them when the fudge was semi cool. They melted a little, but then stayed in place once it was all cooled down. I think this fudge would make an excellent gift e.g. for Christmas

You could also try this No Bake Unicorn Fudge, which is a bit different to traditional fudge, but looks like a lot of fun!

Banoffee pie

This condensed milk banoffee pie recipe from A Mummy Too looks delicious!

It has a biscuit crumb base. The recipe suggests using graham crackers or digestive biscuits. However you could take it in a slightly different direction by using up whichever biscuits you have available/ need using up. I hate waste and this is a great way to use up all kinds of biscuit crumbs!

Tip: If you want to make it vegan and dairy free make the following swaps:

  1. Swap regular whipping cream for coconut whipping cream*
  2. Use vegan condensed coconut milk* instead of normal condensed milk and
  3. Use your favourite dairy free spread instead of butter

Caramel dulche de leche

This caramel is so simple to make and will use up a whole can or tin of condensed milk, with no other added ingredients! Check out the full recipe here: Caramel dulche de leche (it sounds much fancier than boiled condensed milk, doesn’t it!)

Condensed milk cheesecake recipe

Have you got lemons that need using up, as well as condensed milk? This baked lemon curd cheesecake sounds amazing. After clicking the link, scroll down to the bottom of the post for the full recipe.

Again if you want to make this vegan/ dairy free, you can get a vegan cream cheese substitute* and make vegan lemon curd*. It is difficult to get hold of unsalted vegetable spread, but coconut oil* is unsalted and could be used as a substitute for butter

Chocolate truffles

When I was a kid, I loved making chocolate truffles with my mum. Sometimes we coated them in chocolate sprinkles like in this recipe, but often we just rolled them in cocoa powder.

I love that this condensed milk recipe for truffles uses up digestive biscuits. Again remember that you can substitute them for any biscuits you like – make use of what you have first! Another option is to use up weetabix like in this recipe: double choc balls (scroll down for it)

To make it dairy free/ plant based, swap to condensed coconut milk* and use coconut oil* instead of butter.

Homemade icecream

This is another one of those condensed milk recipes that is really easy to make: condensed milk icecream. All you need is whipping cream and condensed milk to make this recipe! Substitute with vegan versions as required.

Alternatively you could try out Thrifty Lesley’s rhubarb and chocolate icecreams, which use half a tin of condensed milk each.

Condensed milk recipes that use up less than a whole tin


We always have loads of porridge oats* at home, because we buy them in bulk . So flapjacks are an easy go to recipe for us. I haven’t tried making a condensed milk version, but this Raspberry and White Chocolate Flapjacks condensed milk recipe sounds so good!

The recipe contains unsalted butter, condensed milk and white chocolate. If you want to make it dairy free and plant based, make the usual swaps. Plus you can follow this recipe to make your own vegan white chocolate using coconut milk powder* and cocoa butter*. Or look in your local supermarket to see if they have any dairy free chocolate buttons.

Tip: I find in general that chocolate buttons are cheaper than chocolate chips. If you want them to be a bit smaller for a recipe, just break them in half or into quarters.

Thai red curry

Don’t fancy making a dessert? This Thai Red Curry, doesn’t use up much condensed milk, so it would be perfect for using up some leftover condensed milk from another recipe!


Roti’s are a sweet dish which involves making a type of flat bread, frying it and drizzling over toppings of your choice! This Roti recipe contains just a little condensed milk, which is great if you just have a little to use up!

Condensed milk doughnuts

Doughnut fans will love these condensed milk doughuts ! It uses up 3/4 cup of condensed milk. So you will have some leftover from a tin to use in another recipe.

So there you have it 10 delicious condensed milk recipes! Plus tips on how you can make some of them plant based and dairy free if needed.

Birthday cake icing

Mrs Mummypenny made some delicious looking cakes for her son’s birthday and topped them with condensed milk icing. Check out the recipe here: how to save money on a boys birthday party

For more ideas for how to use up leftover or excess foods, check out my list of ideas here: A round up of use it up ideas! Also if you have any questions about using up condensed milk or want to show off your creations, come and join my Eco Thrifty Kitchen Club (a free to join Facebook group). The group is a friendly community with the aim of helping people to waste less in their kitchens!

Condensed milk recipes