What to do with a glut of apples!

Several weeks ago my husband came home with a whole load of apples from the apple tree where he works. They were already a little over-ripe so I put them in the fridge.  I asked for suggestions on Facebook about what to do with them and got loads of great ideas.
People suggested:
  • Apple sauce
  • Apple crumble
  • Apple wine
  • Apple butter
  • Apple pie
  • Apple bobbing
  • Apple printing
  • Give them away
  • Apple chutney
  • Apple cake
  • Apple recipes
  • Toffee apples
  • Baked apples
  • Sliced cheese and apple sandwich
  • Put them in the garden for the birds and other animals to eat…

Well I did make apple crumble (not for me as I am sugar free) , I also made stewed apple, added apples to homemade soups and had an attempt at making apple cider vinegar (I don’t think it’s worked though..)

I added cinnamon and ground almonds and a bit of homemade yoghurt to this stewed apple (pictured) – a variation on this dessert.

I still have some apples left – which I could combine with my Jerusalem artichokes and make soup using this recipe.  Or I could try making apple leather (I have been given one gift from my husband this year for Chanukah – a dehydrator, which I haven’t tried out yet..).  I also quite like the look of these apple and raspberry crumble bars which would also use up some of the raspberries I froze over the summer… 

The problem I found with the over-ripe apples though was that the minute I started eating stewed apple and putting them in my soups I put on weight!  I guess they are pretty sugary and I have found the minute I start eating anything sugary my weight goes up… I’m just going to have to feed them to the rest of the family (who aren’t quite as anti sugar as I am) or put them out for the animals…

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  1. Hey great post! What are your issues when making apple cider vinegar? I’ve made it (not) following different recipes and always always work for me! What kind of issues do you have?

  2. Zoe

    Oh I can’t remember, it was such a long time ago!

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