Raspberry avocado sorbet recipe – a delicious sugar and dairy free dessert!

Although blitzing avocado with frozen raspberries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of eating dessert, actually it tastes great (to my sugar free taste buds) and the taste of the avocado is hidden behind the raspberry flavour.     The result is something which looks a bit like raspberry sorbet, but better (I think) as it is sugar free, packaging free (the way I did it) and great for anyone avoiding dairy like me!   

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Frozen raspberry avocado sorbet recipe – Serves 2


1 avocado Frozen raspberries (to match the weight/ amount of avocado)  


  1. Put the avocado into your food processor (or in a beaker to blitz with a hand blender)
  2. Next add the frozen raspberries (in a food processor it is easier to put the avocado in first but in beaker using a hand blender it makes the blending process easier if you add the frozen raspberries in first)
  3. Blend them together and keep blitzing until you can’t see any green bits or any bits of raspberry – it should be a smooth mixture.
  4. Eat and enjoy!

There are lots of possible variations on this recipe.  Bananas can replace avocados, and the berries could be replaced with almost any kind of fruit.  It is also not essential which element of the ingredients is frozen, just as long as some of it is (e.g. the banana could be frozen and the berries not – it would still work, just make sure you blitz the softer ingredients first.  Also the banana would probably have to have been chopped up before being frozen.)     I have tried using bananas instead of avocado and you can taste the banana, whereas as the avocado has a more neutral taste. I haven’t tried too many other variations yet but I will be at some point soon!