How to never forget to water the houseplants again!

For a long time I thought our houseplants survived by magic until I realised my husband was watering them. I’m a cactus and orchid kind of person – they don’t like being watered too often which is perfect for me as plant watering was always at the bottom of my list.

Things have changed a bit round here these days. I have to tell my husband not to water them anymore as they will get over watered! I haven’t set myself any reminders to water the plants, I haven’t put anything in my diary or anything like that, but I now remember to water the plants most days. This is because I have started watering them with waste water.

After most meals in our house there are half drunk glasses of water on the table and instead of just pouring the water down the sink like we used to, we water the plants instead! If the indoor plants aren’t looking too thirsty I pour the water on the outside ones. The only problem now is trying to make sure we don’t over water them!So next time you find a table scattered with half drunk glasses of water at the end of a meal, get watering those houseplants!

2 thoughts on “How to never forget to water the houseplants again!

  • I have a bucket outside my kitchen backdoor and put ‘clean’ waste water in it, such as water I’ve washed salad or veg in. There’s a little dipping watering can in the bucket ready to go for outside pots.

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