How to regrow celery from the stump!

Have you ever thought about growing celery from the stump? Well, like magic you can regrow a whole new plant from the scrap part of celery and also of various types of  other vegetables!

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Recently I have been regrowing veg from bits that would have previously gone in the compost heap. I have had success with regrowing celery, onions and garlic so far and the Reduce Your Food Waste Facebook group members have also been experimenting. There is nothing to stop you joining in too! It’s a lot of fun, costs nothing (especially if you make your own compost) and it is really satisfying to see the plants grow! Have a go – if it all goes wrong, you haven’t lost anything you weren’t going to chuck away anyway!

In this post I am going detail the step involved in growing celery from the stump. Also if you keep scrolling you will see a picture of my regrown celery planted in the ground.

How to grow celery from the stump:

  1. Place your celery bottom in a bowl with a little water on a sunny window ledge. Note: you may need to suspend it in the water. Poke cocktail sticks into it’s sides and then balance the sticks on the edges of the bowl/ container you are growing in. This is because it allows roots to grow underneath.
  2. Change and refresh the water every day or two
  3. Put the celery in a pot with some compost once it has sprouted and grown some roots. This could take several weeks.
  4. Water regularly so the soil is kept damp, but don’t over water
  5. Harden off and plant outside in a sunny spot if it is warm enough. If you don’t have any outside space, or it is too cold, keep it on a sunny window ledge.
  6. Harvest as desired and leave enough at the bottom to see if it will regrow again!

Here’s what my celery that I regrew from the stump, looks like in the ground just over two months since I first started regrowing it!

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Now it’s your turn to grow celery from the stump! If you do, then let me know how you get on – I’d love to hear about it. Also feel free to join the Reduce Your Food Waste Facebook group and share it there!

Want some more ideas about how to reduce food waste – check out this blog post here: A round of use it up ideas!

growing celery from stump


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