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It’s great to be powered by renewable energy!

Picture credit: Octopus Energy

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We recently switched to a renewable energy provider – Octopus energy and I’m so happy we did. I originally wrote about the switch here: This blog is now powered by Octopus Energy! Being green isn’t always easy, but switching to Octopus energy really is – it really only took me a few minutes to do. So if you are short on time and care about the environment, making the switch is a quick win.

Why did I want to switch to a renewable energy supplier?

I feel really passionate about renewable energy because I am very unhappy about the alternative energy options. We are running out of fossil fuels and we should no longer be using them anyway any more. We may even be too late to stop runaway climate change, but I think we have to try our hardest while we still can. Fracking is not the answer and nuclear is just too risky and too much of a long term problem. I believe that we need to move to sustainable and renewable sources of energy as soon as we can. The more people that invest in renewables, the quicker and faster we will march towards a sustainable energy future!

How has having renewable energy been going for us?

Since we switched to Octopus everything has carried on as normal and all has been running smoothly. There have been no problems at all. I like the monthly statements they email us as as they are more detailed than the one from our previous supplier. The statement summarises how much gas and electricity we have used during the month and it is interesting to see what we are using. It also gives us an estimated annual usage of gas and electricity, which is useful. So far we are happy customers.

How can you switch to renewable energy too?

You can switch to Octopus Energy here and it is definitely worth taking a look at them as I think they are reasonably priced. If you haven’t switched suppliers in a while you might even find that you save money by switching to them.

Disclaimer – this is a sponsored post and contains an affiliate link, opinions are all my own though. Using an affiliate link will not affect you in any way. It will help to support the blog as I will earn a small commission if you choose to switch suppliers through it – thanks!