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12 wonderful ways to use up ground almonds!

Have you ever bought ground almonds for a recipe and then not quite known what to do with the rest of the packet? Well fear not because my food waste group (join here: Reduce your food waste UK Facebook group) have plenty of suggestions for how to use up ground almonds! I’ve also added some of my own.

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  1. Bliss balls – there are lots of variations on bliss balls. I often mix up ground almonds with coconut oil and nut or seed butter (could be almond, tahini, cashew or hazelnut). To sweeten you could add dates and blitz it all together in a food processor. Instead of dates I usually add a few drops of juice, amaretto or vanilla extract to sweeten. Once the mixture is the right consistency, roll into balls and store in the fridge.
  2. Ground almonds are a key ingredient in Nigella’s flourless chocolate brownies
  3. If you have a glut of cherries to use up as well as the almonds, cherry and almond cake could be a good option!
  4. Almond macaroons
  5. Lemon polenta cake
  6. One person suggested mixing plain couscous with ground almonds and a little icing sugar
  7. Chocolate pudding, one that oozes in the middle like Jamie Oliver’s baked chocolate pudding.
  8. Flourless chocolate cake
  9. Sprinkled into yoghurt or icecream or on sliced apples as a topping (especially nice mixed with a bit of cinnamon as pictured above)
  10. Fudge made out of melted chocolate, condensed milk and peanut butter. Mix together, spread out in a tray and leave to set in the fridge
  11. Almond slices
  12. Bakewell tart

So there you have it. Next time you have some leftover ground almonds, you will be spoilt for choice for what to do with them!

This week I am asking for suggestions for how to use up apples in the food waste group. Look up for my roundup of their suggestions on the blog next Monday. Feel free to join in with the group too and share your suggestions here: Reduce your food waste UK Facebook group

12 ways to use up ground almonds, use up ground almonds