How Octopus Energy is helping customers save energy! *Ad*

Octopus Energy is a green energy provider with a difference. They want to help their customers have more energy efficient homes and they are being proactive about it. They’re not just giving advice on what to do, they have purchased 100 thermal imaging cameras that attach to your phone and allows you to take pictures of your home! You can use these cameras to find out where the cold spots in your home are and where you are losing the most heat. Then you know where to make changes.

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Update: This post was written in 2019 and this scheme may no longer be available. Check with Octopus for more details

They’re loaning them, completely free to customers who’ve been identified as using more energy than average for the size of their home. You don’t have to be on their list to ask for one though, any customer can request to borrow one. Octopus Energy are loaning them out free for a week and they’re also paying for postage and packaging for them both ways. If you want to borrow the camera for slightly longer you can do this for just £1 a day.

We are happy customers of Octopus Energy. We switched to them a couple of years ago because we liked their affordable green energy tariffs! You can read more about that here: This blog is now powered by Octopus Energy.

We could borrow a camera from them too, but my husband has wanted a thermal imaging camera for years and recently when my dad had a leak in his home, he managed to convince him to buy one! These cameras are useful in lots of ways, not just saving energy. Anyway in the end my dad found the leak without the need for the camera and now we are ‘borrowing’ it. We’ve had lots of fun taking pictures of ourselves with it and trying to read our auras (they use the same cameras to take pictures of auras). We have also been slightly more sensible and taken pictures of our home to work out where we can improve energy efficiency.

We are already doing a lot to save energy but during the recent really cold spell I still found our house pretty cold and so the thermal camera has been able to lead us to the exact spots where we need to warm things up! As you can see from the picture, there are cold spots all around our front door. We do have draft excluders stuck on to the door already but it looks like we could do better!

Octopus Energy have a referral scheme that gives you £50 for signing up

If you like the idea of borrowing a thermal imaging camera and moving to an affordable green energy supplier,
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