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How I’m keeping warm for less this winter!

It’s sooo cold!!!! The last couple of weeks it’s been sub zero temperatures in the mornings. All this cold weather has been making me think about what I can do to keep our heating bills down. To start with I spent a lot of time advancing the heating and snuggling up to the nearest radiator. It’s not ideal and it inspired me to think some more about how to stay warm for less!

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Ways we reduce our heating bills and you can too:

We have done lots of things to keep the heat in and the cold out already.

  1. We (aka my husband) fitted an extra thick layer of loft insulation to stop the heat escaping through the roof .
  2. We safety pinned two duvets together to keep us extra warm at night. Minor downside of that – my husband gave me a fright in the middle of the night last night. I woke up to hear him say ‘stay where you are’. One of the safety pins had come undone and got him. These combination duvets* are better option as they are designed to be joined!
  3. When home alone I put a thick dressing gown on with a hood and wear slipper socks to keep warm!
  4. And we do most of these things too: 6 easy ways to reduce your heating bills

All of this hasn’t been enough to keep me warm when I’m home alone in the day time though. So I’ve been trying to limit my time in the house on my own and spending some time in cafes writing. I take my reusable mug with me and get them to fill that up, because that way I can make a cup of tea stay last for ages!

Taking things further:

I was surprised that even though we’ve done a lot to keep the heat in our home, it’s not enough. We have more work to do. So I decided two things;

1.I am going to investigate further where the heat is escaping in our home. Most of our house isn’t carpeted and I think a large part of the problem is a lack of rugs.

2. To start up a Facebook group: Energy saving tips and tricks UK , so that I can pick all your brains for tips. I thought it would be great to have a like minded community of people who want to save energy to share and exchange ideas with! It is a group to discuss all kinds of energy saving tips and tricks, not just how to keep heating bills low. Come and join the group and chat to other like minded people who want to save energy too!

Although I have found it a bit annoying that my house has been so cold, it has actually had a plus side. I’ve found that going to cafes is working really well. I stay off the wifi and get lots of writing done!

I hope you are finding ways to stay safe and warm in this cold and icy weather! Come and join the Energy saving tips and tricks Facebook group and tell me how you are getting on!

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