Make your own thermal cooker

Why slow cook food? Thermal cookers are great for saving energy, time and money. I batch cook soup and stews and slow cooking brings out lots of the lovely flavours….

How to choose a saucepan

With so much available it can be overwhelming to know how to buy the most eco friendly saucepans. Here are my tips on what to look out for.

How hungry is your appliance?

This is a guest post from Mr ETL (my husband) about how we found out exactly how much we are spending on our background electricity usage throughout the year and…

How to make a DIY chimney balloon

How to make a DIY chimney balloon at home, quickly and with very little expense! Blocking drafts from your chimney can save you money and energy

Obsessive or prudent?

I have written a couple of articles about our Eco-Eye energy monitor here and here, but really it is my husbands baby and he wanted to write an article about…