amaretto, drawing, zen art, bottle

5 ways to use up your amaretto!


amaretto, drawing, zen art, bottle


Amaretto is a sweet liqueur that if stored properly shouldn’t go off for a very long time. Over time though it can reduce in quality. When I did a drinks declutter recently in my home, I found bottles of alcohol that we hadn’t touched for over 10 years. I also found an expensive bottle of sparkling wine that had sadly gone off. I had been saving it for a special occasion, but I waited too long. It is all too easy to buy a bottle for a party or to be given a bottle as a gift and to never quite get around to using it. The sad part about that is, that it is such a waste. 

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I’ve now learned my lesson and have no plans to let any alcohol go to waste in my home again. If someone gives us a bottle of bubbly we don’t wait for a special occasion to drink it and if someone gave us something we didn’t want to drink we would find a new home for it.

We do like amaretto though and buy it every so often. To make sure it doesn’t get forgotten about, I asked the Reduce your food waste Facebook group for their suggestions on how to use it up. I’ve shared their ideas below. So if you have a bottle that has lingered a little too long, why not try out one of these ideas!

What to do with your amaretto:

  1. Pour over icecream – for added brownie points make this use it up banana icecream!
  2. Add a tot to warm milk
  3. Soak dried fruit in amaretto and then add to banana bread
  4. Use instead of vanilla extract in cooking
  5. Make chocolate amaretto truffles (instead of rum truffles)

Thanks to the food waste group for their ideas. If you have anything to add to this please share in the comments below!

Look out for my upcoming blog post next Monday on how to use up pears!