A delicious use it up sugar free zero waste dessert!

Last December we went on holiday and by avoiding waste we saved ourselves over £500 (read more here)! One of the things I did was to freeze some milk that we couldn’t use up before we went away. I froze it in an ice cube tray and once the cubes were made stored them in a little box in the freezer.  

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The plan was that we wouldn’t waste any milk and when we  got back there would be milk for cups of tea so we wouldn’t have to rush to the shops straight away. In reality though we didn’t really need them when we got back and they stayed in the freezer for a while and I wasn’t so sure it had been such a great idea after all.  

Now though I’ve discovered reasons to make milk ice cubes on purpose! The kids started eating them for dessert sometimes and actually really like them! Tonight using a hand blender and a jug I blitzed two very ripe bananas with 8 cubes of frozen milk and it was delicious – kind of like a cross between banana ice cream and a banana milk shake. It didn’t make masses of it, but it was enough for 4 small ramekin sized bowls, which was perfect!  

According to lovefoodhatewaste.com fruit and vegetables account for 27% of  our food waste and dairy products account for 10%. There is so no need to chuck these things though – if you can’t use it right away freeze it! There are loads of things you can do with them, but if you make frozen cubes of any excess fruit, milk, yogurt and cream, you can enjoy an instant frozen desert by just blitzing them together in a combination of your choice!  

Frozen milk cubes are likely to be a regular feature in our house from now on and if you like sugar free zero waste desserts, then you have to try them – especially blitzed with bananas!  

P.S. sorry there are no pictures – we ate it all too quickly!  

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  1. Zoe

    Hope you like it! I need to get round to freezing some more milk!

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