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15 blackberry recipe ideas

I love it when blackberries are in season. We have loads of brambles in the hedges in our garden and also there are lots of local spots we can pick them in. I usually pick a handful daily to eat with my breakfast. But that barely scratches the surface. I need lots of blackberry recipe ideas to use them up!

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So I surveyed my Reduce Your Food Waste Facebook group and my Twitter followers. They had loads of great blackberry recipe ideas, which I have listed below:

Cooked blackberry recipe ideas:

  1. Crumble – especially good with apples too. Tip – I save apples that have been bashed about at the bottom of a bag when taken out as a snack but not eaten, to use up in crumbles.
  2. Banana and blackberry sponge pudding
  3. Bramley and blackberry tray bake
  4. Pancakes
  5. Blackberry jam . Suggestions for variations on this included:
    1. Blackberry and apple jam
    2. Blackberry, raspberry and vanilla jam
  6. Apple and blackberry curd
  7. Blackberry syrup

What to do with frozen blackberries/ frozen blackberry recipe ideas:

  1. Sorbet – e.g. my raspberry avocado sorbet recipe (substitute the raspberries for blackberries). You’ll be surprised at the result and you can’t taste the avocado 🙂
  2. Banana blackberry (chocolate) ice cream. I love making this sugar free banana icecream recipe – just add blackberries to the mix!

How to use up raw blackberries!

  1. Gin infused with blackberries
  2. Blackberry and vanilla cordial
  3. Banana and blackberrry smoothie
  4. Blackberry Lassi
  5. Pickled blackberries
  6. Add them to your cereal, porridge or yoghurt!

On top of this I love eating frozen blackberries. They are great for a quick cold snack, soothing for a sore throat and make an attractive alternative to an ice-cube! Another great thing about freezing blackberries is that you can eat (and cook) them months out of season and remember those lovely summer blackberry picking days!

What is your favourite way to eat blackberries?

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