Say no to fracking by switching to renewables

On 6th October the government gave fracking the go ahead in Lancashire. This decision was in spite of fracking not being wanted or approved locally and is extremely concerning for the future of fracking related decisions in this county.
Fracking is an environmental nightmare in lots of ways and it puts drinking water in the areas it is carried out at risk as this video explains

Aside from shouting frack off from the roof tops, joining in protests and raising awareness of  the problems with fracking, the faster we can switch to renewables the better because when fracking no longer makes economic sense, the government will be a whole lot less interested in it. They might try to export the gas to other countries, but that is just an argument for people in those other countries to switch to renewables too.
Good Energy is a UK based renewable energy provider. They provide electricity that has come from 100% renewable sources and they also provide green gas, 6% of which comes from ‘biomethane: gas produced from organic matter – like manure and sewage – here in the UK’. Switching a renewable energy supplier like them is one way to say frack off to fracking companies and the government! There are other renewable energy suppliers out there and I would encourage you to shop around on sites like uSwitch before making any decisions about switching suppliers
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  1. I used to be with Good Energy and they were, well good I suppose 🙂
    Since moved to Ovo on their 100% renewables plan which was cheaper in our area and have nothing but good things to say about them as well.
    It's barely more expensive for renewables comparing the cheapest deals about and if you didn't shop around too much before you might even end up saving compared to your current deal so there is no excuse not to go with the renewables route nowadays (IMHO of course). The fracking permission in Lancashire is ridiculous considering how many were against it, hopefully in a few short years the economics will just not make sense and we can all forget about the brief foray into fracking in this country!

  2. Zoe

    I agree I also hope we can soon forget about this fracking madness!

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