DIY batgirl costume

DIY Batgirl costume

It’s nearly Halloween. Time to carve spooky faces into pumpkins and make pumpkin soup. It’s also time to get dressed up! Costumes can be costly so making one yourself from stuff you already have is an easy and inexpensive option. When I got invited to a superhero themed birthday party I raided my wardrobe. I was able to quickly make a DIY Batgirl costume that didn’t cost me anything.

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How to make your own Batgirl costume

I already had a black dress, a black evening scarf, which I wore instead of a cape, and black boots.

I had a rummage through my kids fancy dress box and found a yellow batman belt and a black eye mask. The only thing I needed to make for this outfit was the yellow bat on the front of my dress.  

I found some yellow fabric in my fabric stash (TIP – build up a fabric stash by viewing old clothes as fabric) looked up the batman logo picture and drew out a similar looking bat on a piece of paper.

To make the bat symmetrical I folded it in half and cut it so that each side matched. Then I drew around the bat on the fabric, cut it out and hand stitched it onto my dress. When I had finished being batgirl, I unpicked the stitches and voila – I had my dress back!  

This costume was simple to make, didn’t cost me anything, isn’t clogging up my wardrobe, didn’t harm the environment, wasn’t scarily flammable and was fun!   

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