6 top tips to make your winter coat last for years!

Winter coats are only in use for a few short months of the year. They are usually made of pretty sturdy fabric and although fashions change a good quality classic winter coat should last for years. I say should because I used to be pretty good at ruining them, but I’ve learned from my mistakes! Here are my 6 top tips for making your winter coat last! 

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How to make your winter coat last

  • Buy a coat that isn’t a dirt magnet! Choose a colour that will hide a multitude of sins. I made a basic mistake a few years ago and bought a white coat. It looked lovely for a while, but eventually even dry cleaning couldn’t save it. Even if it is washable, a white coat won’t stay white for long. 
  • Only put small things in your coat pockets and won’t catch on the fabric! Do not put keys or oversized items in them. I ruined a good few coat pockets with a key ring that caught on the delicate fabric in the pocket. The keys poked holes in the pockets and oversized items strained the pocket fabric.
  • Always hang your coat on a hanger. If there isn’t one available hang it on the back of a chair or if it is somewhere you go regularly like work, take a hanger in with you to hang it up on. I used to hang my coat on a peg and I found that over time it damaged the collar of the coat on the inside, creating rips or holes eventually. 
  • Repair ripped seams, sew buttons back on that fall off and replace lost buttons. These are easy fixes that won’t take long. If you don’t have the skills or equipment find out if anyone you know can help.
  • Make sure the cupboard your store your coat in is damp and moth proof. If you know your home suffers from a damp problem hang a dehumidifier in your cupboard. You can add inexpensive eco friendly moth repellents to your hangers.
  • Freshen up your coat from time to time. Bicarbonate of soda or even just a good airing will get rid of any musty smells after it has been stored a while. Depending on the fabric you could also steam clean it!  

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  1. Waste nothing

    Helpful info from Zoe on coats.

    Hanging a coat on a coat hanger on a hook is hard if you have a family collection of coats and jackets to hang as well.

    I would suggest dry cleaning a tired looking coat.

    In fact dry cleaning a quality wool coat after the winter season cleans it, makes it softer and protects it against moths.

    I don't know about you, but I always look at what the coat is made of. Why buy 70% acrylic if you can find another coat with 70% wool?

  2. Mine is another winter coat with holes in the pockets, those darn keys every time. I need to find a way to hook them into my handbag so they don't drop to the bottom when its chucking it down with rain or I have my hands full :o(

  3. Zoe

    It's tricky isn't it! Another solution is to put the keys in a little pouch in your pocket so they can cause less damage.

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