DIY batgirl costume

DIY Batgirl costume that can easily be made at home with things you already have! Save money and save on waste with this DIY costume

How not to upcycle a necklace!

The necklace in the picture was left at my house during a clothes swap party (read more here). The beads are made out of old magazines and I really like it….

Introducing a new concept – upusing!

Have you ever felt really frustrated because you couldn’t quite place a word you wanted and then felt so relieved when it eventually comes to you?  I had a concept…

Epson EcoTank ET-4500 Printer Review

I was recently sent an Epson EcoTank ET-4500  printer to review. It is an all singing, all dancing faxing, photocopying, scanning and printing machine, which can connected to your home network…

A points scheme for ethical shoppers!

Photo credit: Bonsum Do you like to buy organic food, fair trade clothes or you really want to get a water butt for your garden? Well there is a new…

20 ways to help halt climate change!

With so much negative news about the climate it can feel like as individuals we are powerless. Here are 20 ways you can positively help climate change.