When is wasting stuff a good thing?

Trying to go zero waste is great , but in real life actually creating absolutely zero waste is not achievable. Here are some times when its ok to waste.

Free activities for kids

Free activities for kids that you can try over the Easter Holidays. Here is how I spent under £10 for 4 days worth of fun with two kids.

Eco-friendly wet wipe alternatives

Single use wet wipes contain plastic and contribute to drain blockages and death of marine life when flushed. Here are some eco wet wipe alternatives

A complete guide to how to be good!

We went and did our food shopping in Portslade today.  We bought most of our food at Tiba – a great middle eastern shop which sells fruit, veg, meat, rice,…

A trip to the toy library!

Today we had our second visit to the library in Whitehawk   It is housed in a lovely large spacious modern building and as well as books also loans out toys –…

What a great haul!

This half term I’ve booked in playdate after playdate – a great way to keep the kids entertained in the holidays.  Today I met up with a school mum and…

Ooh arr me hearties!

Chrismakah (i.e. Christmas and Chanukah) are approaching fast and I have started thinking about what I am going to do for it.  For Chanukah we have always given our kids a…