A complete guide to how to be good!

We went and did our food shopping in Portslade today.  We bought most of our food at Tiba – a great middle eastern shop which sells fruit, veg, meat, rice, pasta, grains, chickpeas, herbs, spices and more. It is really reasonably priced in there and got us all out the house on a cold, blustery day!
We also perused the charity shops in Portslade and found this great set of books (pictured above). Everything was half price in the shop and usually they sell 3 books for £1, but today it was 3 books for 50p. They are all about being good and include titles such as ‘Being Wasteful’, ‘Being Selfish’, ‘Being Destructive’ and so on.  We (i.e. my husband and I) thought they were brilliant and had to adopt them.   They are actually pretty educational.  I now know all the reasons why I really shouldn’t be as messy as I am and my husband now knows what he should do next time he feels like complaining 🙂  As an added bonus I think they are probably quite good for the kids too 🙂
My husband and son between them paid £4 for 24 books – 22 of which were part of this set. You can buy them through Amazon here – but they aren’t cheap – we got ourselves a pretty good deal today!
Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!
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