How to upcycle your kids torn books into fun wall art

I was tidying up my kids bedrooms one day and I noticed that they had several torn books.  They were really nice books with sturdy pages. Throwing them in the bin or even recycling them seemed a bit criminal. I had been thinking about updating the decor in my younger sons room, so I decided they would make the perfect wall art/ cupboard decoration!

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Cut the pictures out from the torn books

torn books

If you have books with pages which you can cut i.e. ones that don’t have hard pages throughout, then you can cut out the pictures. One of my sons books had sturdy plastic coated pages, which were easy to cut. It had lots of pictures of animals in it and I cut them out neatly. Then I stuck them to my son’s wardrobe with blue tack. I think it was quite a nice way to brighten up his cupboard!

Mount the pages from the torn books

Another book I found that had seen better days was a lovely board book with a story about what a teddy wanted to eat.  I trimmed the edges. Then I mounted one of the pictures on a cover from another broken book, after covering it in red card and then stuck them all to the wall with blue tack.

Frame the torn book pages

You could take things one step further and frame the book pages. To save money use frames that you already have or get them secondhand if you can. It’s better for the environment doing that too. Another option would be to use the leftover bits of the book(s) to make your own frames like in the video below

Depending on their age, this could be a fun rainy day activity to do with your child. Maybe they could help with blue tacking and choosing where the pictures will go.

What do you do with your kids torn books and what do you think of turning broken books into wall art?