DIY Solar Panel Cleaning

We have had solar panels for a few years and they are all working fine. But could cleaning solar panels make them work better? Doing some research on solar panel cleaning there seems to be 2 opposing views (as always). Disclaimer – an affiliate link was used in this post. One view is that glass
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Vodka air freshener safety warning!

Although vodka may be good at getting rid of the smell of smoke it is also highly flammable.  I recently burned some popcorn and filled my house with smoke and afterwards I managed to get rid of the smell with the help of some vodka as an air freshener as well as some other non-toxic
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Thank goodness for fire alarms and vodka!

Thank goodness for fire alarms! Recently I put some popcorn in a pan on the hob, went out the room for a few minutes, got sidetracked and the next thing I knew the fire alarm was going off. I immediately remembered the popcorn and went straight to the kitchen which was filled with smoke. My
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Out damned spot!

I mentioned the other day that I wash my dishes with bicarbonate of soda.   For some time I was washing them with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and salt. I mixed the three together as vinegar is a good preservative, lemon juice is faster acting than vinegar as a cleaner (particularly on limescale)
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Reusing and reusing!

One of the first things I decided to do when I start this blog, was to as far as possible ditch the disposables in the kitchen.  One of these disposables was kitchen paper.  I filled an old bag dispenser with cleaning cloths, flannels, rags – anything that I could use as a cleaning cloth and
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Ecoforce products put to the test!

Forget about religion and politics, one of the subjects you really don’t want to get me started on is cleaning!  I have to admit it never used to be my favourite activity, but these days I feel so pleased about not using harsh chemical cleaners and finding gentler eco friendly alternatives which really work, that
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Chemical free cleaning

A while ago I decided to give up using harsh cleaning products.  I am glad to say that it has been a very successful and fairly painless process. I really don’t miss any of those chemical laden cleaning products at all. Most of the time I just use water and cleaning cloths.  For limescale removal
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Green living: washing up liquid

How much do you spend on washing up liquid?  Which brand do you buy and why do you buy it?  Are you fully aware of the impact of your purchase on your wallet, your health and the environment and are you happy with your purchasing decision?  I used to buy Ecover washing up liquid for two
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A green clean – three tips for today

Microfibre cloths are great, but an old pair of socks will do.  The most well known microfibre cloths are e-cloths, but they are quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives out there. I recently bought a microfibre mop for around £5 in Aldi, while the e-cloth version is around £20. If you have a look
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