Chemical free cleaning

A while ago I decided to give up using harsh cleaning products.  I am glad to say that it has been a very successful and fairly painless process.

I really don’t miss any of those chemical laden cleaning products at all. Most of the time I just use water and cleaning cloths.  For limescale removal I use lemon juice, for shining metal and glass I use e-cloths and that is pretty much it.

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My only vice currently is bleach, which I still use down one of my toilets.  This is mainly because the flush isn’t very good and it seems to get very stained.  The flush on my other toilet is good and I don’t put any cleaning products down it – I can’t see the point!  Any recommendations for effective bleach alternatives are gratefully received!

I try to use a dustpan and brush wherever possible, limiting the use of the hoover and for spillages on the floor (of which we have lots with small children around) I am starting to use flannels and towels.
 I used to use kitchen roll which I swapped for towels for big spills and flannels for smaller ones.

I find it easier to clean as there is less equipment to lug around and it doesn’t pose any danger to my children. In fact my older son, loves using the water spray and cleaning the windows or the mirrors (or spraying water at me and his younger brother!).  I also feel happier that I am not polluting the surfaces and the air in my house with potentially harmful chemicals.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :0) I'm now a new follower of this blog.

    Great post! I'm should be moving house soon, any suggestions for a big clean of the new place, the former tenants were not that clean and tidy. The less chemical I can use the better as I suffer from eczema.

  2. Zoe

    Your blog is a good read! Thanks for following – if you get a chance I would really appreciate a like on facebook:

    You could get a steam cleaner for wooden/ tile floors if they are particularly dirty or use a microfibre mop and a water spray – no chemicals involved.

    Use microfibre cloths and water sprays on work surfaces and doors.

    To get rid of smells – bicarbonate of soda does a great job – in fact I often sprinkle some into the bottom of my bin to keep smells away.

    Hope it all goes well in your new place and if anyone else has any suggestions for a deep clean please feel free to add them below.

  3. Also try Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. 1% Cinnamon oil mixed with 99% water makes a very powerful anti-bacterial wipe. It's not a degreaser but it will disinfect everything and leave a lovely scent. Gets rid of mold, safe for use inside the refrigerator, disinfect the toilet, disinfect toys and does not stain. Not for use by pregnant women, but otherwise this is fantastic and all natural. It is even thought to improve alertness and memory, especially in Alzheimer patients. Another good cleaning product is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which works very well. It’s just fiber sponge that lifts the dirt or stains.

  4. Anonymous

    if you want a nice, clean, hygenic toilet without the bleach, white vinegar and baking soda… I cant use bleach because I have a soakage style septic and yes it does require a quick brush whilst fizzing (and practice to get the powder on the walls!) but I have even got rid of limescale that I inherited from the previous owner. The vinegar is too acidic for bacteria too.

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