Gift tags made from upcycled materials

During the holiday season there are so many presents to keep track of that gift tags are a must.  There is absolutely no need to buy any though there are so many types of what would be waste paper/ card that can be easily turned into gift tags.  All you need is a pair of scissors, a hole punch and a bit of ribbon or string and there is a veritable oasis of gift tags out there!
Packaging and boxes can be cut up into nice gift tags
Whenever you are given a gift with a gift tag, check to see if you can reuse it.  Either you could put a sticker over the name or
you could cut the part off which has the name on it and punch a new hole.
I love wrapping up kids presents in old sticker books and have recently discovered that the pictures on the front covers of sticker books make great gift tags.  I recently used a dinosaur sticker book to wrap up a gift  and cut out a large picture of a dinosaur head to use as a gift tag.
Christmas cards/ greeting cards make great gift tags, especially when the cards are quite small. 
Often when you buy or are given new clothes they have tags on them, which are quite attractive.  By cutting off unwanted bits or sticking stickers in strategic places, it can be hard to tell they came with your new clothes.
I gave quite a few photos as presents this holiday season and I found myself trimming some of them to fit into certain frames. Some of the trimmings were quite attractive and cut in the right way, made lovely gift tags.
Scraps of wrapping paper stuck onto some cardboard from the recycling bin and then cut into circles or squares make very attractive gift tags and can be made to match any wrapping paper you might use.
Using would be waste materials to make attractive gift tags can be very satisfying and will save you money too.  If you have young kids, making gift tags can be a fun and practical activity to do together.

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