Ecoforce products put to the test!

Forget about religion and politics, one of the subjects you really don’t want to get me started on is cleaning!  I have to admit it never used to be my favourite activity, but these days I feel so pleased about not using harsh chemical cleaners and finding gentler eco friendly alternatives which really work, that sometimes I secretly enjoy it. 
So you can imagine my excitement when Ecoforce got in touch offering to send me some of their range of recycled washing up, cleaning and clothes drying equipment to review – my first product review!  The range includes dusters, multipurpose cloths, a clothes line, scourers,  sponges, ‘dishmatic’, clothes pegs and a peg basket.  
Ecoforce are a UK based company choosing to manufacture the majority of their products in the UK.  They say they are a ‘privately owned family business’.  

The products are all made from recycled materials.  The packaging they come in is recyclable and some of the products themselves are able to be recycled.  On the Ecoforce website they list a variety of advantages to recycling plastic which are worth a read.   The products are generally reasonably priced and you can find them in all the major supermarkets, as well as online.

Dishmatic – this is  a washing up sponge on a stick which dispenses washing up liquid as you wash.  I’m sure I’ve used less washing up liquid than I would normally using this brush and it was nice to know that there is a more eco-friendly alternative to the non-recycled  washing up brushes I usually use.  Two types of replacement heads are available for Dishmatic – heavy duty and non-scratch and so far I have been very happy with the heavy duty one it came with.  Replacing the heads means that the stick part can be reused again and again, which is great. 

Dusters and multi-purpose cleaning cloths – The dusters were a little dissappointing as they looked fairly thin and flimsy and didn’t say they were able to be washed.  I gave one a bit of a tug though and it wasn’t as flimsy as it looked.  Not sure how long they would last though.  The cleaning cloths on the other hand looked a little more luxurious and can be washed at 40degreesC – recycled and re-usuable – great!

Clothes line , clothes pegs and peg basket –   It is more environmentally friendly and will save you money if you hang your clothes out to dry.  Add to that these products using recycled materials and you will definitely feel you are doing your bit for the environment! Apparently the spring system in the pegs won the Design Council Millennium Products Award and they are made from a single piece of plastic.  Ecoforce claim the pegs ‘are extremely tough and almost impossible to break’, so I had to have a go – unfortunately one of the pegs is now broken… I can see that they are very unlikely to break of their own accord or during usual use however as I had to twist the pegs in a direction they wouldn’t usually be twisted in.

ScourersI tested one of the heavy duty scourers out on a filthy oven tray – the scourer survived to scrub another tray and seems to have plenty of life left in it yet! They also do non-scratch scourers similar to the replacement non-scratch  Dishmatic heads, which are for use on delicate surfaces and non-stick pans.  Probably best to try them out on an inconspicuous area first when using them on a new surface.  I found they were excellent for cleaning the grout in between my tiles in my shower as they are white and don’t leave the usual trail of green behind.

Overall I thought the most of the products were of a good quality at a reasonable price.  I would definitely buy most of the products over similar less eco-friendly versions, especially dishmatic, the peg basket, washing line, pegs, scourers and the multipurpose cloths.  Areas to improve include making the dusters washable and making the labelling on the non-scratch scourers more specific about the types of surfaces they can be used on.

Have you tried Ecoforce products?  I would love to hear your experiences with them and what you thought.

Disclaimer:  This was not a paid review, however the products were provided to me free of charge and affiliate links have been used. It will not cost you any extra to purchase things through these links, but I will get a small commission which will help to support the blog – thanks!