The joy of putting the effort in and waiting!

Suddenly today, something has clicked about waiting.  Without waiting there would be a lot less pleasure.  Something you had to work for and that you couldn’t have straight away will mean so much more to you than something you received or achieved with very little effort.  I’m not saying that it is isn’t hard at the time or that it will always go to plan, because it often is and doesn’t, but that is what makes it so special!
Example 1. Forming a relationship – the longer you have wanted to be in a relationship with someone, the sweeter it is when you find out they want the same thing
Example 2. Food  – they often say the best sauce is hunger and it is true – the hungrier you are the more of a pleasure it is to eat your food
Example 3.  Career and life goals – the harder and longer you have worked to achieve your career or life aspirations generally the more satisfying it is when you do.
Example 6 – Money – most people appreciate the money they earn far more than the money they are given.
Example 7 – Stuff – the longer you have to wait for your first car/ laptop/ phone etc  the more you value it.
Example 8 – the more you contribute towards making something look beautiful, such as a house, a garden, a work of art the more you will enjoy it.
I feel that the the pleasure of seeing what you can achieve when you take a little longer over things,  is packed into an eco-conscious thrifty lifestyle.  Growing your own vegetables, making your own whenever you can, taking time to consider if a purchase is really right for you and waiting to find it at the best price or even secondhand somewhere can provide a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment. 
There are times when I feel the need to be thrifty and spontaneous, but generally I am grateful for the wait, as without it life would be far blander!
What do you have to wait for that gives you pleasure?
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  1. This is a great post. I think anything worth having is worth working for. It adds some sort of special or sentimental value or feeling to it. With money, the more I made, the less I cared about the things I bought with it because it was easier to just buy new ones. But when I was broke, all of those items had more value to me.

  2. Zoe

    Thanks for your comment Larry – a good point well made!

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