R.I.P. My Chemical Crammed Cleaning Cupboard!

My bleach shall soon clean a different toilet
My window cleaning spray will shine glass elsewhere
My antibacterial cleaner will disinfect another’s work surfaces 
And before long my oven cleaner will no longer be there

Sustainable gift wrap course

I have decided to give away my chemical laden cleaning products
To replace them with items containing ingredients I can recognise and understand
In fact most of the ingredients will be edible
So I won’t be so afraid of them coming into contact with little hands

I’m excited about the idea that I can make alternatives at home
That are potentially safer and cheaper than I can buy in the shops
but I’m not sure yet what works best and when
So I’m going to test them out and will let you know which ones come out on top!

I am swapping:

Antibacterial cleaner for Water and lavender oil / vinegar
Toilet bleach for vinegar / lemon juice
Window cleaner for e-cloths and water
Bathroom and kitchen cleaner for e-cloths and water
Floor wipes and floor cleaning solutions for a steam cleaner.
Airfresheners and deodorisers (in the fridge/ bin/ dishwasher/ bathroom) for bicarbonate of soda / home made lavender pot pourri
Oven/ greasy stain remover for bicarbonate of soda (and other natural cleaners as necessary)

Any other ideas for natural/ edible cleaners are welcomed here.