Out damned spot!

I mentioned the other day that I wash my dishes with bicarbonate of soda.  

For some time I was washing them with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and salt.

I mixed the three together as vinegar is a good preservative, lemon juice is faster acting than vinegar as a cleaner (particularly on limescale) and salt is added to dishwashers, so why not my dish washing mix :).  I would also dilute it a little with water.
The thing is I wasn’t sure how effective that mix was, plus because there was the possibility the lemon juice could go rancid by being left out.  so I decided that bicarbonate of soda was a better option.  It is antibacterial, deodorizing, mildly abrasive and great at getting rid of grease and grime.  
I bought the above pictured shaker (I think it was meant for sprinkling flour and icing sugar over things) from one of my local shops before I gave up buying new stuff.  I did think that actually I should have bought a metal shaker, or that I could have just used a salt or pepper shaker or an old spice jar, but I didn’t have any going spare. 
Before I wash my dishes (if I am hand washing them) I sprinkle a little bicarbonate of soda on them with a little water, then I clean them with a scrubbing brush then wash it all off.  
It is really simple, easy and effective to substitute washing up liquid with bicarbonate of soda.  It is also pretty handy having it in sprinkle-able (if that is a word) format, as I don’t just wash my dishes with it.  
Earlier today I  used it to get rid of some crayon marks in one of my cupboards.  You have to look closely at these pictures to spot the difference between when the crayon marks were there and when they were gone, but you get the idea!
I also sprinkle it in my bin to keep it smelling fresh, sprinkle it all over the bathroom floor when my younger son has had accidents (when he hasn’t quite made it to the loo in time) to take that lovely smell away and wherever else I think I may need it…
There are so many uses of bicarbonate of soda – these are just a few when it is handy to be able to sprinkle it on things!

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  1. Great idea!

    Really noob question… but how much is Bicarb and where do you buy it from? Sorry if I'm retreading old ground but I had a quick search of the archives and couldn't see it mentioned.


  2. Zoe

    I did write about where I got it from – the Chinese shop – Arm and Hammer brand, but I didn't write about how much it was. It was £1.09 for 450g. I am going through it at quite a rate though. – I think I need to be a bit more economical with my sprinkling!

  3. Cheers! I guess I could have just googled that… just being lazy. I'll have a look out next time I am down the shops.

  4. Zoe

    No probs theFIREstarter. You could probably find it cheaper if you buy it in bulk…

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