A free upcycled pallet herb planter

When we first moved into our home we planted up a bed in our garden with herbs.  This year we decided that we wanted to grow more veg and that we should move the herbs to make way for veg growing.  We wanted to keep the herbs, just in a slightly more space saving way.
Inspired by seeing a pallet propped up against a wall filled with plants at the garden section of a local charity shop, my husband brought home two pallets from work.  Pallets are easy to get hold of for free and can be found on offer on sites such as Freecycle or Freegle if you don’t know a local company with an excess of them going spare. (WARNING – since writing this post I have been informed that you need to be careful when using wooden pallets as they may be treated with nasty substances and I was advised if you are going to use a wooden pallet for a planter then it is advisable to put a layer of plastic between the pallet and the soil).
My husband screwed the two pallets together to create a planter, filled it with earth, pulled up the herbs from the bed and planted them in the pallet planter!  Not all the herbs made it though and we did have to start again with some of them, but some of them were on their way out anyway.  The pallet props up against a wall and takes up far less space which is great.  The only problem is we might need a couple of them as we have put some herbs in pots as well…
How do you save space in the garden? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous

    It is interesting to read all of the various ideas have for the use of pallets. Here in Winnipeg, Canada, pallets are not readily available. The companies reclaim them upon delivery and they are reused. No freebies here. 🙁

  2. Zoe

    That's good that pallets are reused in Winnipeg – it makes a lot of sense! Shame that there are no freebies though 🙂

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