Oliver Heath answers a question for me!

Oliver Heath is a ‘designer, writer and television presenter’ and he is currently working with Andrex Eco – a toilet paper made from 10% bamboo and 90% recycled fibre.  He did an interview for them recently and they asked me if I would like to ask him a question as well – so I did!  I asked what his favourite upcycled project in his own home is and to see the answer have a watch of the video!

Sustainable gift wrap course

Apparently according to Andrex Eco ‘nearly half (48%) of Brits want to be eco-friendly, but think it’s expensive or too much hassle…With more than three quarters (78 percent) of us believing that eco-friendly or sustainable products are more expensive than their standard counterparts, the prospect of going green  in today’s economic climate is too much for cash-strapped Brits.’

Oliver Heath feels the perception of eco-friendly being more expensive is outdated, saying “you should think long term savings rather than short term cost”.  Obviously I agree that being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be more expensive and can in many cases save you money.  Activities such as investing in renewable energy and energy saving devices as well as following the reduce, reuse, recycle (and upcycle) mantra are likely to save you money over time.

What do you think – does being eco-friendly cost you more or save you money?

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Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post, I was just sent this video to include in my blog if I chose. I would recommend that if you are thinking of buying Andrex Eco to consider alternative options as well.