Crazy about crumbs!

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of baking.  I’ve been making oat and raisin squares, chocolate brownies (pictured above), banana tea breadbutternut squash tea bread and the other day I made some chocolate cookies!  I have found that with all this baking comes lots of crumbs!

In the past I probably would have swept these crumbs into the bin, but these days I am avoiding waste wherever possible.  Now I sweep those crumbs into a glass jar and use them up over time.

The most popular way to use up the crumbs in my household is mixed in with a bowl of homemade yoghurt as my kids have it most days for dessert.

There are a wide variety of uses for crumbs though and there is no need to let them go to waste ever again

Here are 5 more ideas for using up the crumbs:

  • Squash the crumbs together while still warm and make them into bite sized snacks.  If they are too crumbly you could add a little oil to combine them.
  • Cheesecake base – just combine the crumbs with a little melted butter or oil, put a layer in the bottom of the relevant dish.  Layer with the rest of the cheesecake ingredients and put in the fridge to set.
  • Sprinkled onto a bowl of icecream – they can really jazz up a boring bowl of vanilla!
  • Crumbs could be used to top fruit pies and bakes – just mix in a little oil or butter to stop the crumbs from burning.
  • Eat them as a yummy snack when all the baking has gone!
If you don’t want to use them up straight away you could freeze the crumbs.  This is also useful if you want to accumulate larger quantities of crumbs for a big pie or cheesecake!
What do you do with your crumbs?
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One thought on “Crazy about crumbs!

  • What an original idea and who of us hasn't been in that position faced with a load of crumbs that we would normally throw away or give to the birds! Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Seasonal Celebration! Have a good week:-)Rebecca@ Natural Mothers Network x

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