‘One person’s junk is another persons treasure’!

A couple of weeks ago someone I have only met once gave me these two scooters with two new handle and wheel sets for free.  I then gave them to my children who absolutely love them!  The person who gave them to me no longer had a need for them and very kindly made the offer to give them away for free via Freecycle.  This is the first time I have used Freecycle and I think it is brilliant!
I have subscribed to my local  Freecycle and Freegle newsletters and receive regular updates on things that are ‘wanted’ and on ‘offer’ as well as those that have been ‘taken’.  To reply to an offer, you can either reply by email or go through the website.  It pays to be quick off the mark though, as often items go really quickly.  
Common items which get posted on the sites include tv’s, fridge freezers, beds, wardrobes, packing boxes and video tapes.  Specialist items also appear on the sites occasionally and recently on one of the sites someone was giving away some snails!
There are so many ways to make use of these sites:
  • You can give things away that you might have otherwise thrown away
  • You could look out for items that would make great gifts – start now and you might not need to buy any gifts for Chanukah or Christmas next year!
  • Playgroups, schools and nurseries could save themselves money by requesting toys, books and craft supplies through these sites.
  • If you would like to try out a new hobby – rather than rushing out and spending loads of money, you could see if anyone if offering the relevant equipment, or put out a wanted ad!  If the hobby isn’t for you then it doesn’t cost anything to offer it to others for free through these sites.
The opportunities for saving money, reducing landfill waste and creating goodwill are endless and I have to admit I am a big fan of both Freegle and Freecycle!
What are your Freegle/ Freecycle stories?  What have you given away and what was the best thing you received?  I would love to hear your stories!
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  1. I haven't ever received anything on freecycle but we've given various stuff away, and it's always a pleasure. People are really grateful, and it's so easy. The stuff goes really quickly.

  2. We've given lots away on Freecycle while renovating the house – old windows and doors, curtains, light fittings etc. The 2 most useful things I've received are a couple of Le Creuset casserole dishes and a TV when ours broke. I also asked for a baby bouncer and a kind soul offered us one, I'll be freecycling it on when we've finished with it 🙂

  3. Zoe

    I wish I had known about Freecycle when I moved into my current house as we did a lot of work to it. Freecycle is a great way to recycle unwanted doors and windows!

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