Dolly Mixture Homemade Recipe

Homemade Dolly Mixture Recipe

Ever wondered how to make your own dolly mixture? I had never thought about it before yesterday. On my lunch break I went for a nice healthy walk and ended up buying some not quite so healthy dolly mixture. 

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To be fair the dolly mixture didn’t cost very much – around 40p for a supermarket own brand packet. However, I didn’t like some of the ingredients in them and the plastic bag it came in wasn’t recyclable.

Junk food is never going to be good for me, I can’t get away from that fact. However rather than giving up entirely and thinking oh well it is junk food, actually it is still going to be better for me (better ingredients) and the environment (less packaging) to make it myself.  It is probably slightly cheaper for the quality of the product as well. 

When I got home from work I had a go at making it myself (not all of the mix, just the type shown in the picture above).  They were so easy to make, they would be a great low cost activity to do with kids. If they are going to eat sweets anyway, why not show them how they are made and explain to them about sugar and their teeth along the way!

Dolly mixture recipe


1 1/2 cups of icing sugar

1/2 cup cornflour

1/8 cup sunflower oil or a mild flavoured olive oil

1/8 cup water  

For the brown bits: 2 teaspoons cocoa  


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl except for the cocoa.  

2. Form a solid ball and then split it into two.  

3. Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa to one half and mix in thoroughly. If after thorough mixing it is too crumbly add a little bit of oil, if it is too sticky add a little icing sugar – you need to get it into a state where you can easily roll it out)

4. Roll out each half of the mixture to about 5mm thick

5. Cut each bit in half and layer the colours – white, brown, white and brown, white, brown.

6. Cut into strips and then into cubes.

Dolly Mixture

It took me around 20-30 minutes to make and tasted OK.  I actually used rapeseed oil and normal flour for the ones shown here, which wasn’t so good. The next day I made a little of the mixture again with a very light flavoured olive oil and cornflour and it tasted a lot like a dolly mixture sweet!   Next time I am going to add a few peppermint drops to the mix and have peppermint flavoured versions!

This is my first attempt at making dolly mixture. I’m sure the recipe could do with a bit of tinkering.  I would love to hear your dolly mixture recipes. What do you think?  Will you give dolly mixture making a go?

dolly mixture


  1. Oooo these are genius! I'm going to give these a go! I can never find vegan dolly mixtures, I never thought to make my own!

  2. Zoe

    I would love to hear how yours turn out Sooz and any suggestions you have to improve the recipe would be great!

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