International Coffee Day

Coffee art for international coffee day!

International Coffee Day

Today is International Coffee Day, which is a campaign to celebrate coffee and ‘improve coffee’s future’.

Sustainable gift wrap course

I entered into a coffee art competition in New York and decided today would be an appropriate day to share it! I drew the picture to make a positive statement about how to address the waste in the coffee industry.

Shockingly 16 billion disposable plastic lined coffee cups are currently used and thrown away each year. In landfill any natural materials in them give off methane as they decompose. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. However, the cups may also be contributing to the problems of plastic in our oceans.

My drawing is of a reusable cup (as opposed to a disposable one). The cup is filled with coffee beans and grounds. So instead of being thrown away into landfill, they are used to grow a new coffee plant.

Buying a reusable cup, making your coffee at home from loose coffee and composting your grounds can save you money and reduce waste. It is a win-win situation!

Bringing your own cup can get you a discount coffee

If you do want to buy a coffee out, taking your own can get you a discount in some places. In Pret you get 50p off, in Starbucks you get 30p and in Costa 25p. In Waitrose, you can get a free tea in your own cup, if you do a bit of shopping and swipe your Waitrose card. To see a full list of discounted drinks when you bring your own cup take a look at Money Saving Expert

My challenge to all you coffee lovers out there, this International Coffee day is to zero waste your coffee. Get the equipment you need to do that going forward.

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