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As well as an eco-blogger, I am a zen doodling artist! I have an Etsy shop: Zoe’s Zen Art Etsy Shop, however it is currently closed while I concentrate on other activities. If you would like to purchase some of my artwork please get in touch with directly either via social media or by email on ecothriftyliving@gmail.com

Sustainable gift wrap course

I have tried to make my artwork as zero waste as possible. I sell giclee prints which have been printed on high quality bamboo fine art paper. It is a more eco-friendly alternative to other fine art papers which are cotton based as cotton is very water and pesticide intensive.

The packaging I send the prints out in is recycled and or recyclable where possible.

When I draw I don’t usually have any fixed outcomes in mind so if I make a ‘mistake’ I try to incorporate it into my work and that means less scrunched up pieces of paper and less waste.

I can be found on: TwitterFacebook and Instagram under @zoeszart