Zero Waste Week 2016 Day 2

Trying to keep the kids entertained this morning we cycled to our nearest recycling point to do some textile and shoes recycling!

Sustainable gift wrap course

Hardly any food has gone to waste in our house today – woohoo!

For breakfast we had soaked oats and bananas and the banana peels got composted. I know there is stuff you can do with them, but there wasn’t anything I actually wanted to do with them!
At lunch time I tried to get my kids to eat the leftover slice of pizza from yesterday (read more here: Zero Waste Week 2016 Day 1), but I only remembered after having made them two sandwiches each and after nibble they decided they couldn’t eat any more, so it went in the compost. I nearly chucked some carrot peelings in the compost, but then recovered myself by putting them on my salad instead. Not sure why I peeled them really! I had some extremely ripe nectarines and tomatoes in the fridge, that had been left there for over a week (I forgot about them when I wrote my blog post yesterday) which also went on my salad and were so incredibly sweet! A bit of the tomato that didn’t look so good went in the compost along with a bit of courgette peel from a rather large courgette that we have grown in our garden! I later realised the peel tastes really nice and didn’t compost it after that!
Food waste from lunch
Massive home grown courgette and odd socks 🙂
I made curry for dinner and used up some sausages from the freezer (no I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I did manage to make 4 sausages look like a lot of meat  by chopping them up into small pieces). I also chopped up some cauliflower leaves and stir fried them with the sausages and some homegrown veg before adding the curry sauce, which was half a jar left over from a previous curry over a week ago!

 Cauliflower leaves being chopped for the curry

I did burn the rice a bit because my kids got into an argument at a crucial time, but luckily my husband felt it added flavour! A little bit of the rice- the worst of it – did go into the compost though.
For dessert we had some rescue plums i.e. the ones that had already fallen off our plum tree – don’t worry I washed them thoroughly with some bicarbonate of soda!
There was nothing to scrape off any of the plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner because everyone ate everything and then some (apart from the cold pizza slice)! 
I had a bit of a look through my herb and spice cupboard to see if anything needed using up and I have a lot of herbs and spices that I rarely use, but there were some that I never use and if you have any recipe suggestions for what to do with these herbs and spices please let me know – I need your help! 
I also have a question about plum nuts (the nut inside the pits) – are they edible? Anyone know?

That was it for our Zero Waste Week day 2! How is it going for you?


  1. Lori Martin

    Hi- quick thought on your spices. You could lightly roast the cinnamon stick, licorice and mace & grind them to flavor Indian food or you could pour hot black tea over them and add milk and sugar for chai. Saffron is lovely in rice or stew.

  2. Zoe

    I am definitely going to try the saffron on some rice and I tried putting a bit of cinammon stick in some hot water and it made a delicious cup of herbal tea! Thanks for the tips!

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