Sugar free kiwi and avocado dessert

Over ripe kiwi and avocados? How to make sugar free kiwi and avocado dessert with them

I struggle to work out when kiwis and avocados are ripe. To stay on the safe side I leave them out in the fruit bowl until the kiwis have gone wrinkly and the avocados are a bit squishy. By this time they have gone too far the other way and are over ripe.

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Luckily this isn’t a disaster as wrinkly kiwis and mushy avocados make a perfect pair for dessert!

The first time I made this dessert I found both an over ripe kiwi and avocado at the same time. I blitzed them together with a hand blender and then froze the mixture. I left the mixture in the freezer for too long and it was rock solid. Next time, I took the mixture out and stirred it every so often and it was perfect.

Voilà! You will have an immediate sugar free, zero waste, plastic free, vegan sorbet! It is also a great way to get fussy people to try avocado if they haven’t before.

This is a great ‘use it up’ recipe if you see your fruit is over ripe and is a hit with my kids.

My kids have become so used to my experiments now that they have begun suggesting a few of their own, but I have to say mixing a small amount of honey with raw grated and then blitzed carrot is not something I will be doing again!

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kiwi and avocado dessert


  1. I do the same and have in the past ended up throwing things on the compost heap :-/ Not good. I love the sound of avocado and kiwi sorbet. Might try it with a little bit of lime juice, too. But I won't try to blend frozen things in my blender again because the last time I tried I nearly broke it. Same when I tried to do my own nut butter. Mine is quite a cheap food processor with a blender attachment, although it works fine for most things. I covet the £££ blenders!

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