Hand picked, home made and sugar free frozen raspberry yoghurt recipe!

Yesterday I had three stories to tell about my fiery sugar free homemade salsa recipe.  Well that made a great part of the main meal, but for dessert my kids and I also had something special to us – some frozen raspberry yoghurt.  We had picked the raspberries at a pick your own farm near us in the summer and froze them in ice cube tray – see here for pictures of my Thomas the Tank Engine shaped frozen berries.  I added around 4 cubes of frozen raspberries to a tall beaker and covered them in yoghurt (made via my new yoghurt making method which you can read about here). I then blitzed them up using a hand blender. Raspberries are actually a very low sugar fruit, which may be of interest to those trying to avoid foods naturally high in sugar – for more info on the sugar content of fruit click here.

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It was delicious and the perfect end to a pretty perfect meal.

Only to be topped off by a mug of chamomile tea using chamomile grown outside my front door and dried in my kitchen which you can read about here. I’m not sure if it is cheaper or not to pick your own fruit and veg at a P.Y.O. farm (as even in the summer the raspberries were quite pricey) and store it over the winter, but either way we decided it was good practice for us, as we would like to grow more of our own food and are learning the ways in which food can be preserved at home.