A home grown winter salad!

Around a week or so ago, I had the last salad of the year from our veg garden.  Everything was homegrown and it included:

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  • tomatoes – yellow and red
  • cucumber
  • radishes
  • rocket
  • pak choi
  • courgette
  • chives
  • lemon balm
We (i.e. my husband) planted the cucumber and courgettes quite late and although we didn’t have great yields of them, they did come through very late and I think it’s great that in November I can still eat home grown salad!
There is nothing left now apart from a few tomatoes and some herbs, but next year we (i.e. my husband) will bear this in mind and plant things much earlier as well as late to enjoy a long season of salads from our garden!
What is the latest point in the year you have managed to eat home grown salad from your garden?  Any tips for spreading out the growing season as much as possible?
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