Ads that are making me angry!

Ok angry might be a bit over dramatic, but they do make me feel really cross.

Sustainable gift wrap course

There is this one that I have seen via a couple of other blogs recently (Free our Kids and Plastic is Rubbish)

Where going to a toy shop is clearly far better than going outside to play…

Then there is this genius ad campaign, which I’m constantly hearing on the radio…

The first ingredient in Nutella is sugar  which means that sugar is the largest ingredient proportional to all the rest.  This site lists all the ingredients in Nutella and basically says the product is spreadable chocolate (I kind of figured that one out by myself). Isn’t this just what we’ve all been waiting for? A generation of kids slathering sugar laden chocolate all over their breakfast…
Then I read about Coca Cola’s Cap the Tap campaign – ok not an ad, but still a marketing campaign, which encourages restaurants to use suggestive selling techniques to discourage customers from using tap water. So any more Coca Cola anyone?
The thing that frustrates me the most is that these ad campaigns clearly work really well as I have to buy Nutella for the foreign student currently living with us who has it every day for breakfast on toast, sometimes washed down with a can of coke (I make him buy his own cans of coke)!!!!!!!  


  1. Oh my! telling children that the forest is boring and that spending money on commodities is fun and acceptable. ARGHH! What is this world coming to?! When I was a child I loved playing outside and hated even going to shops aimed at children.
    Jenni x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  2. My son is autistic & ADHD and i don't allow him to eat nutella,fizzy drinks it's full of rubbish.

  3. What the hell!!!!

    These sort of things shouldn't be allowed. There are advertising standards and they are usually quite strict… methinks some cash might have exchanged hands to get these accepted (in fact I bet that goes on all the time)

    Did you see the coke campaign about the personalised bottles as well. All the morons queueing up to find their names!!! Horrendous!

  4. Zoe

    I only saw the coke campaign through my Facebook feed, where people were posting pictures of coke bottles with their names on them. You are so right – these ad campaigns shouldn't be allowed!

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