How and why my husband is tracking my every move!

Don’t worry my other half isn’t a crazy stalker, he just has a ridiculous amount of information about our home energy usage!  I have mentioned previously about how we keep an eye on the efficiency of our solar panels, but that was only one part of it.  
We have an Eco Eye Monitor which produces a huge amount of information for us on amount of energy we use and generate from our solar panels.  My husband has somehow linked this information up to his mobile phone.  This means he knows exactly when (literally within 5 minutes of it happening) I have done the washing, or put the kettle on and whether it was a good time of day or not for it i.e. whether the solar panels were generating enough electricity to cover my usage.  I have very specific instructions about what times of day I can put the washing machine and dishwasher on and woe betide if I don’t put them on at the right time of day!
I do agree with the theory of putting the washing on when the sun is shining, but in reality it isn’t always practical (especially if the sun hasn’t been shining for a few days). It is useful though to have this level of information as it means that we can see roughly what time the solar panels start generating enough energy to put the relevant appliances on and we can delay start them for those times if we are going out the house.
The other way my husband is tracking me is via our central heating.  We are beta testing a new heating control called Tado.  We no longer have buttons in our home to turn our heating on, the control recognises whether we are in the house or not via an app on our smartphones.  The theory being that in the winter if the heating is on and we both leave the house the system will turn itself off rather than staying on at allotted times regardless of whether we are there or not.  What it does mean though is that my husband can see via the heating system when I have left the house…  Sometimes I think he should just put up CCTV cameras and be done with it 😉

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