‘No poo’ 13 days later

After deciding to go ‘no poo’ again I have washed my hair with olive oil soaponce.  I haven’t washed it since at all (for around 11 days).  I haven’t washed it for two reasons.
1. Last time none of the ‘no poo’ alternatives worked very well for me
2. I want to retrain my scalp
Washing my hair with soap was actually pretty great.  It looked better than it had in a long time and stayed grease free for longer than it had in ages – about a week.  In fact if I just wanted to find a shampoo alternative, I would say soap works perfectly for me (well it has the one time I’ve tried it). However I don’t just want to find a shampoo alternative, I want to ditch shampoo full stop.
In the back of my mind I keep having two thoughts in relation to going ‘no poo’.  The first being that water only washing works really well for my boys and although they have short hair, it isn’t that short. They can do it, so why not me??
The second thought I have is that going ‘poo free’ is a bit like breastfeeding.  Breast milk is supplied on a supply and demand basis – is it the same for the natural oils in my scalp? Surely all the attempts to clean my hair just triggers more oil production? 
Is it a bit hard to tell from the pictures above (taken yesterday), but my hair is pretty greasy right now. So far though it really hasn’t been a problem.  I spend most of my time surrounded by mums of young children. They are too busy to notice my hair and it is only since I have developed such greasy hair that I have noticed how many of them also have greasy hair – I fit right in!  
So seeing as my greasy hair is going largely unnoticed I could just decide not to wash my hair at all for the rest of the year, but if I have a similar experience to last time my hair may just get greasier and greasier and possibly dandruff ridden again.  So my plan is to wash my hair again with soap in 3 days time (if I remember) which will have been 2 weeks of it going completely unwashed.  Then I will go for a couple of weeks again, then extend it to three weeks and then four weeks and so on between washes.  What I am hoping will happen is that I will be able to go longer and longer between washes until I no longer need to wash my hair with soap at all. 
I have no idea if my plan will work, but I’m going to give it a go and see what happens! Anyone out there tried this approach or something similar?  I would love to hear how you got on!
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