Home grown camomile tea!

I love drinking herbal teas and camomile (sometimes spelt chamomile) is a favourite of mine. I have had two camomile plants for a couple of years now and last year I picked enough flowers off them to last me all winter and I still have some left now.
This year the flowers are coming thick and fast and every so often I pick a few off, inspect them to make sure they are insect free.

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I then give them a rinse, pat them dry and then leave them in a bowl or on a plate in a cool cupboard to dry. Once they are dried I store them in a glass jar.

Such a simple process, doesn’t take me much time and means I never need to buy a camomile tea bag again! The flowers are quite strong in flavour, so I find one is enough and I only leave it in for a couple of minutes. In fact it could easily make another cup of tea or two afterwards…
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